Looking Forward to Next Phase of PSEL

 · 1 min read

We’ve focused a lot of time on introspection during the first part of the PSEL experience. After looking at all the feedback I received from my multi-rater survey and reflected best self experiences, I wasn’t surprised by the items that overlapped as I collected data from multiple people in my professional and personal life.

As a past supervisor once told me that I had a certain self awareness that was surprising given my age at the time. That is something that has always stuck with me, so it was a nice confidence boost to know that I still maintained some of that awareness as I grew and changed.

Now that we have done a solid amount of introspection, we are moving toward the action part of the PSEL program. It’s time to plan some interviews and job shadows with leaders around the university. I would also like to try to job shadow some folks outside the university to obtain a broader understanding of leadership as a concept in itself, not just leadership at the university level. My plan is to try to reach out to some previous colleagues and see if they would be up for an interview, or possibly even a job shadow.

I’m looking forward to pushing through the next few weeks as the semester ends so that I can focus more time on PSEL-related work during the summer when my workload is a little less. It will be nice to have an ongoing professional development experience to work on in preparation for the fall semester.