MGMT 215 Capture Studio

MGMT 215: Entrepreneurial Mindset/CaptureStudio

Experience Design

I was tasked with development of an introductory level entrepreneurship class in an answer to the university’s strategic plan to enhance entrepreneurship opportunities and skillsets across the Penn State system. MGMT215 is a course that was taught in residence, and we redesigned it to be taught 100% asynchronously (with optional synchronous meetings) and delivered to students who registered at any of Penn State’s campuses.

The primary challenge with this course was implementing a key pedagogy in entrepreneurship, which he terms “extemporaneous speaking.” In residence, the instructor would start class with impromptu speeches in order to help them generate ideas rapidly, and these activities were typically prompted through a card-draw which would contain the topic the student had to talk about.

The instructor and I worked with a team of interdisciplinary developers from the College of Business and the College of Arts & Architecture to develop a tool with WebRTC and Drupal that provided students the chance to engage in this activity at a distance. Students launched the CaptureStudio, chose their assignment, and would be given a random prompt that would generate a countdown and a timed recoridng session during which students would give their “pitch.” Recorded pitches would then be displayed in a gallery that allowed for peer critique and feedback.

Video Demo of CaptureStudio Functionality